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Looking for the best prices on brand name or generic medications? Searching for an alternative or herbal remedy for a not-so-common ailment? Look no further, The MANNA Store is your one-stop solution for all your medicinal needs - pharmaceutical or herbal. Our directory connects you to not only local pharmacies for traditional prescriptions but connections for over-the-counter, hard-to-find and even foreign provided medications. If you're looking for vitamins and nutritional supplements, weight loss solutions, skin and/or hair care treatments, you can find those too. We put you right in touch with many of the brands you're familiar with like Nature's Answer, Nature Made, Nature's Way, Now, Twinlab, Kirkland, Pharmax, Kyolic, Agape and Euromedica. At the convenience of your fingertips, you can locate, select and purchase the product you desire then have it delivered right to your front door so you save both time and money. At The MANNA Store, our goal is to make your shopping experience both efficient and convenient. When you shop with us, you avoid the headache and hassle of shopping all over the internet or all over town to find the product or service you need at the price you want to pay.

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As with all our products and services, we provide you with consumer and provider reviews so you can research the quality and appropriateness of the medicinal solutions you're seeking. We also feature items and offers to help you find the most suitable pharmaceuticals and herbal medicines at the most affordable price. You can easily access products from GNC, Walgreens and QVC (see our complete list in the Provider drop down menu above). We've also listed the top providers for your pet med needs too! And you can consult Science Daily and right here to stay abreast of the latest pharmaceutical and herbal news and trends. As always, if you don't see or can't find what you're looking for, send us a note or leave us a comment and we'll do our 'level best' to make that product or service available on the site. At The MANNA Store, your shopping satisfaction is our number one interest. Also visit our blog page and make The MANNA Store your place to shop for most anything needed, nearly always!
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