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Featured Film: After.Life

Featured Film: TheAccountant

You get the buttered popcorn, we've got all the movies and DVDs you want to see! Whether you like horror movies, intense dramas, high-stake sci-fi thrillers and action movies, or even documentaries, The MANNA Store has them all for you. As with our music section, we periodically feature 5 'must see' movie selections. For the first round of the new year, we've assembled, as usual, 5 thrillers of various film genres we hope you will be pleased with: Girls Trip, After.Life, The Girl On The Train, The Accountant and our 'highlight film'Jason Bourne. Next time…..stay tuned!! You can purchase and/or rent your favorite film today from a premier provider like Amazon or Netflix. We also provide you with biographies, customer reviews and access to movie soundtracks on our featured films so you can stay abreast of the latest happenings with your favorite film or actor - all at the touch of a finger and a keystroke! We've made the shopping experience simple for you: just click on one of the images and you'll be directed to an appropriate provider for all your movie viewing desires. Hollywood and film studios around the world have been providing generations with the best in motion picture entertainment. At The MANNA Store, we've inventoried many of the world's finest films in one convenient location.

Featured Film: Jason Bourne

And, because we only feature the best products from the most premier providers, you're guaranteed to get only the best that the marketplace has to offer…..You can rest assure that The MANNA Store is the place to shop for all your shopping needs, for whatever you need: 'Most Anything Needed, Nearly Always! And all from the convenience of wherever you're at: at home, on the fly, mobile device, wherever you can shop, The MANNA Store is your spot for all your shopping needs. So, purchase, rent or just preview the movie of your interest, we've got the best online prices and deals. Also visit our blog page for more great items. What more can we say: Shop The MANNA Store Today, Save and Enjoy!

Featured Film: The Girl On The Train

Featured Film: GirlsTrip

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